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Listing Manager

Caline Leong

Listing Manager

What you’ll notice meeting Caline for the first time is this young lady’s energy level! We’re not sure where she draws it from, but has a genuine and friendly character that makes her clients comfortable almost immediately.


Caline believes in a pleasant and honest approach, together with a no hard-sell policy which makes every client she meets feel safe and confident. She holds herself to that, creating real and lasting relationships while consistently matching her real estate foresight with the current trends. Her passion in real estate, and ability to provide a good listening ear to her clients needs has allowed her to connect and help her clients achieve their property goals over the years.

Having studied international business before joining real estate in 2017, Caline is integral to the bleubricks team.


Coming from a large family of eight (furkids not included), Caline is a natural people person and also enjoys surfing and dancing.


Jonathan Poh

Listing Manager

Jonathan joined our Inside Sales Team Internship program in late 2020 and is now one of our most hardworking Listing Specialists. A prime example will be how he pushed his limits by studying for his 1st year university degree while hustling here with bleubricks by PropertyLimBrothers. A sheer display of grit and character, to say the least.


An empathetic and charismatic character, renowned for prioritising clients first. He value-adds to the Sales Team with natural flair and zest with an awesome work ethic and a never-give-up perseverance. An enthralling combination!

Alexa Loh

Listing Manager

With over a decade of experience in the education industry, Alexa’s strengths lie in effective communication and empathising with her clients’ needs. The candid advice that she offers sincerely to her clients has earned her their respect and loyalty over the years.


Aside from teaching, she was also doing curriculum and obtained her Masters in Education (Curriculum & Teaching) in 2018. She also got her Cambridge Certificate for Teaching English as a 2nd Language to foreigners in Bangkok, where she had the opportunity to teach refugees as well. Overall, she prides herself in pushing herself out of her comfort zone which led her to switch to the Real Estate industry today.


As a real estate agent, she continues with this same dedication and commitment, understanding how important the decision to buy or sell a property can be.

Listing Specialist

Mikaela Joy

Listing Manager

Meet Mikaela-Joy! Mikaela was a pre-school teacher for a couple of years, designing curriculum for the next generation. Now, she’s here with bleubricks by PropertyLimBrothers as a newly promoted Listing Specialist, designing property timelines and sales for generations. With her interest for real estate and passion for people, she’s here to help design the property portfolio strategy for our clients with bleubricks by PropertyLimBrothers.


An empathetic, chirpy and detailed planner, Mikaela-Joy often puts herself in the shoes of her clients, striving to ensure their needs and concerns are taken care of. She values that trust and is fully committed to guiding and adding value in their asset progression journey.

Kee Seng Huat

Listing Specialist

As an NUS Engineering graduate, Seng Huat has practiced his expertise in a distinguished MNC for over 13 years, helping his clients meeting timelines and solve engineering deadlocks.


Coupled with his approachable, nurturing, and intuitive nature, Seng Huat now strives towards providing optimal choices and solutions in his client’s real estate choices with their best interest at heart.


In his downtime, Seng Huat enjoys yoga, running and even singing!

John Lin

Listing Specialist

John, otherwise known as Anhong to many of his friends, comes from a background of training individuals with special needs, with over 6 years of job coaching expertise in assisting persons on the autism spectrum gain meaningful employment. Empathetic and a great problem-solver, John’s mantra is to always seek to understand first and this is critical to all client’s needs. His patient and responsible nature ensure that the highest standards of customer service are met. John believes in seeking win-win outcomes and is highly passionate about helping all his clients achieve the results they desire.


While Melvin was teaching about Mind Map techniques during our debut program, Home Tour Showmanship Series in PLB Assembly, our very own real estate academy, we discovered that John also used to teach children mind maps at his previous job!

Gabriel Ding

Listing Manager

Gabriel is a passionate and sincere individual who enjoys the thrill of meeting new people and chatting over a cup of coffee. Prior to joining the real estate industry, Gabriel was a business process analyst; from which he developed strong communication and analytical skills that have continued to serve him well. Gabriel sticks by his personal mantra that building a strong relationship with his clients is of utmost priority as he believes that only by understanding their needs first and solving their problems through his analytical skills, will he be able to cater to their property needs. 


Having entered the Real Estate scene back in 2018, Gabriel now brings his experiences to the team and is excited for his journey here in PLB. 

Dionnis Lim

Listing Specialist

Having been in sales for the past 28 years, ranging from oil & gas to laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment, Dionnis has always enjoyed meeting people and giving advice to her clients through her experience, walking them through the process of problem-solving with her clients.


After making a leap into real estate from pharmaceutical sales in 2008, she remains a source of reliable support, providing sound property advice.

Because to her, real estate is more than just selling or buying property, it’s about building happy homes and lives. 


When she is not assisting her clients-turn-friends, she enjoys spending time with her daughter over at a cafe and they can eat and talk about anything under the sun.

Jesley Lim

Client Experience Specialist & Listing Specialist

A familiar name and voice to all our new enquiries, Jesley’s cheerful and friendly personality puts even the most worried clients at ease. A sincere and listening ear proven from her tutoring and merchandising experience, her knack for numbers continues to help bleubricks’s Inside Sales Team.


After completing her studies in NTU, majoring in Mathematical Science (Statistics), she was a full-time Mathematics tutor for five years teaching secondary level kids. Besides her knack for number crunching and passion for education, she has always been in sales and customer-facing jobs, ranging from beauty retail, telcos, jewelry, to helping her family business in selling second hand pianos.

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