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We are bleubricks.

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About bleubricks.

We realised something.

The modern-age has abandoned traditional ways of marketing property, and thinking consumers (like yourselves) know better.

You know what you want, you know what is out there and you want to choose.

You don’t want complicated transactions nor fluffed up melodramatic services.

bleubricks gives you exactly that, and more than you can ask, at an affordable price to your comfort level.

Stemmed from PropertyLimBrothers, a household name in Singapore,
bleubricks brings you a one-stop service for simplicity:

We incorporate the same team methodology into a focused module,
paying special attention to the wide range of HDBs.

How we began...

PropertyLimBrothers have been leading the social media property wave for a couple of years now with its sterling YouTube, Facebook and Instagram presence, but the “one-size-fits-all” concept had to be reworked.


As with any business, it’s always beneficial to take a step back and recalibrate to provide clients what you want. That was when bleubricks was conceptualised, focused on bringing your home into other people’s lives.

What does bleubricks do?

We help you sell your properties, but in a simpler, more efficient manner. Drop in your details, select what kind of marketing do you require, find out how much you’re paying for our services, and let our team do the rest.


While bleubricks aim to keep things affordable for sellers and buyers, we don’t skimp on the quality our team prides on.

Our Promise.

Our bleubricks team is focused on your property. Every home is taken and prepped for a sale, and as the seller, you will be notified every step of the way. We are experts for affordable property marketing in Singapore, and we constantly aim to be the leading aficionados for using social media to your advantage.
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